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This interdisciplinary course is a survey of various popular and Indigenous medicinal systems that fall under the rubric known as Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) or Mesoamerican Traditional Medicine. Mexican scholar Carlos Viesca Treviño defines MTM as medicinal knowledge(s) that emanate from Mesoamerican world views and that have adapted to historical and social conditions in the Americas. This course explores various expressions of MTM, with a special emphasis on Indigenous medicinal approaches to healing that exemplify both continuities and adaptations. We  compare across cultures some shared values in various Indigenous systems as well as how they are uniquely expressed in contemporary settings.  The course introduces students to the relationship between place, healing and cosmology in Indigenous-based cultures that maintain curing traditions and practices. We explore the theories and philosophies that are used in MTM and Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) as well as applied knowledge and practices that are useful for self care and community wellness. To return the knowledge back to communities, students create materials such as power points, short videos and this encyclopedia, which is based on course content. For content from previous classes, go to www.patrisiagonzales.com.